“Don’t Start Now (feat. Jesse Marek) Out 3.01”

“DON’t Start Now (feat. Jesse Marek)” out NOW!


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 Hello :) We are Patrick & Kate, a singer/songwriter couple from Boston, MA!

Our story began at an open mic 5 years ago, where Patrick was singing and strumming his guitar and in walks Kate, blown away by his dreaminess (insert heart flutter). But in all seriousness, we are crazy about each other and about making high quality music that you can jam to wherever you are. Thanks for checking us out!

About our sound:

Sharing a love for pop music, Kate incorporates her jazz/funk roots into her singing and songwriting, and Patrick brings his music production skills plus a niche for electro to the mix.

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"...their vocal duet, made unique by the juxtaposition of Kate’s sweet touch and Patrick’s loud tone, who give life to a sparkling and addictive number thanks to the chemistry of people who share more than a love for music."


"The single [You Made Me That Way], which combines synth with musical instruments, feels very compact, blending well into their duet vocals."